– Valerie Savage – Val’s Creations 

I loved what Natalie did for my business! She took the time and effort and didn’t cut any corners helping me to start to grow my little jewelry business! She did such a great job and gave me great marketing advice along the way. Couldn’t have started my little business without her help!


-Teresa Wilson – Natural Transformations

Being a new business owner, I really needed to find someone affordable to help me create flyers, videos and other marketing materials that are affordable. I’d tried fiver with no luck as yes they are inexpensive but I was always disappointed with the quality of work that came back to me and in fact, never happy enough to even use what I had paid for…….. until Natalie Peacock, The Marketing Strategist. Don’t let her age fool you. This girl is a Powerhouse! She is very very educated, talented, intelligent and driven. She has a mind for business and is always thinking of ways to help me grow. The best part is, she has a heart of gold and works hard to help her clients achieve success. She is so amazing that I almost hate to share her because if you all know how wonderful she is, she might become too busy for me and she truly is an incredible asset for me to have on my team. Still, because I respect and appreciate her so much, she deserves you to know and give her a chance. I promise you will not regret it and she will help you in more ways you might ever think of on your own.


– Brian John – Success Before Death

I am someone who is trying to break into the world of Facebook marketing and I happened to stumble upon The Marketing Strategist. I scheduled a call with Natalie and she provided a ton of awesome knowledge for someone who is trying to start out which would also benefit someone whose been doing this for a while as well. They get it ! Check them out.


 – Shelly Jo Wahlstrom – Hypno Aminos

I met Natalie at a networking meeting. I was having trouble getting my website to look and flow smoothly. Within a few hours of her working on it, my website looks fabulous! It is everything I ever wanted but couldn’t get anyone to see my vision and I didn’t have the training to tweak it. I love how ener worked by the hour so I didn’t just have to pay a steep amount of money upfront. She called me and periodically text me to make sure what she was doing was what I liked. I definitely got my money’s worth. I look forward to working with her again as my business expands. http://www.hypnoaminos.com



 – Pearl Giles – Pal Humanitarian Services

My non-profit, PAL Humanitarian Services, needed some brochures and Natalie came through!!! She did an awesome job! Thanks!


– Leila Falkner –

Natalie Peacock did some graphic design for me and I loved it! She captures the elegance I wanted and packaged it beautifully. Would definitely recommend for any project.