About Us

All business owners recognize the need to promote and market their respective businesses. Still, knowing that fact and actually implementing an effective marketing program is another story. Companies–even large ones–often waste valuable cash trying to implement a marketing program that really does little to help their business become more successful. This becomes particularly problematic for small business because most do not have the resources to accurately measure the effectiveness of their marketing. So, in many cases, word of mouth becomes the default marketing program.

The Marketing Strategist was founded to help small businesses create a company vision and mitigate the problems mentioned. We help businesses take pride in the products they sell and services they provide. We help businesses implement effective marketing plans and advertising. We help businesses understand the importance of marketing and the value it provides.

Through strategic planning and goal setting we can effectively grow awareness and provide guidance in the journey to success. Marketing is an ongoing process and The Marketing Strategist is here to help you in your journey.

Our Team

Natalie Peacock

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Marketing Consultant/Owner

Natalie Peacock is the owner and founder of The Marketing Strategist. She started this company to help businesses succeed in their marketing endeavors.

Natalie is the heart and soul of this business. She is a former President of the Service Organization at Weber State University where she gained valuable experience in marketing, budgeting, event planning and business partnerships. She was the Marketing Manager at Creative8imaging, where she learned graphic design, and product positioning to boost sales. She was also the Affiliate Marketing Specialist at Jill’s Office, where she assisted in developing a customer retention program.

Natalie has a master’s degree in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing  from Weber State University. She has experience with marketing strategy, business research, consumer behavior, promotion management and internet marketing.

Enlist Natalie’s help in developing a marketing strategy to exceed your company’s marketing goals.